Getting Started

Getting Started

The Financial Planning Process

Prioritizing Your Dreams. Together, we will determine what is most important to you and how to get you to where you want to be.  We will gather and review information on your current situation including income and expenses, assets and liabilities, employer benefits, and taxes in addition to your investments.  By having this information, we can adopt a truly holistic approach when making the best recommendations for our clients.  We will provide you with areas of opportunity and options that are available to achieve your goals.  You then decide on what you are comfortable with in implementing your financial plan.
Our planning approach is built on a life-long relationship with clients and their advisor.  Our focus is to provide a trusted advisor, knowledgeable resource, and friend for all of our clients to rely on at all times.
To help chart a course for your financial future, we’ll follow a time-tested process that is realistic in its approach and squarely focused on helping you achieve your goals.
Determining Your Goals

First, we will discuss your financial objectives to determine what you want to accomplish. Knowing where you want to go is the most important decision to make before taking any steps to get there.


Your current financial situation is the starting point for your plan. Determining your assets and reviewing your financial statements will help assess your net worth, discretionary cash flow, expenses, current asset allocation, risk exposure, tax situation and more.

Information Analysis

Evaluating the big picture of your finances allows for a better understanding of how factors like cash and liabilities, investments, taxes, and protection are interrelated. A deeper analysis conducted by your advisor will help you visualize how different investment decisions may shape your future.

Formulation and Implementation

Drawn from our discussions, your personalized financial plan will be designed to help you pursue your stated goals, and will outline any immediate steps that need to be taken in an effort to start executing on the action items in place.

Factors such as a market fluctuation or change in life events directly affect your finances: to ensure your financial future stays on track, your advisor actively tracks your progress and always directly communicates their advice on a trade, investment, or transfer of funds.  

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